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Welcome Mahalia!

Lacuna Loft is excited to continue introducing some guest bloggers! These great folks represent a variety of perspectives on the myriad of topics covered here at Lacuna Loft. Before everyone starts really getting into the nitty-gritty of all they have to say, we wanted to introduce them a bit. Without further ado, here is Mahalia!

Mahalia Breen is a Filipino-Irish quark bred in captivity in North Carolina. She has recently repatriated after six years in Europe and currently lives in rural Vermont with her spunky daughter and beer brewer husband. In addition to being a domestic goddess, she is also the author of the book 30ish, a certified teacher, an illustrator for beer labels, and the business manager for Casita Cerveceria, LLC.

Diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer at the age of 32 while living in the United Kingdom, she has very strong feelings about the need for healthcare reform in the United States.

At this stage in life, she is at peace with the fact she will not likely live a very long life, but she is so grateful and happy to have made it this far past her diagnosis and hopes to be able to ride this wave for as long as possible.

This year, she is getting new boobs to replace the ones that tried to kill her, so she will probably write about it.

She is also a lover of Victorian literature and period dramas, and she cites them as a strong influence on her development. One of the characters she connected with at an early age was Jane Eyre.  This scene from the novel Jane Eyre has stayed with her through the years.

While it’s become clear Mahalia will not achieve her childhood goal of immortality, she hopes to be able to make the most of however much life she has left, and she looks forward to generating content for Lacuna Loft.