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Motivational Desktops

Learning how to be a survivor, or going through that which needed surviving…those are tough times in life.  As I continue living through survivorship, little motivational happy thoughts really help me re-correct my outlook on something if I seem to be straying into negative musings.  I like the continual, gentle reminders that life is tough, but we are here to survive….and that even through the tough times, life can be very beautiful.  What kind of reminders do you like to keep your outlook on life as positive and happy as possible?  I, for one, love a good motivational poster 🙂 is a website with great projects, designs, and recipes that I go to every so often.  Recently they had an article about 20 motivational desktop backgrounds that were also free!  I LOVE motivational stuff so I had to check it out.  I looked through the post and loved what I saw.  I ended up downloading quite a few of the wallpapers and have them as my computer’s desktop background in a slideshow format so that the poster switches every minute to another one.  🙂

I think I may print one or two of the posters for office art.  Do you all like motivational posters hanging around your working or living space?  Do you put motivational desktop backgrounds on your computer?

These are some of my favorites:

via – by Breanna Rose

2560x1440 (1)

via – by Design Love Fest


via – by Design Fest Love


via – by Gloria Chen of Little White Whale


via – by Tony Howell


via – by Design Love Fest


via – by Julia Kostreva


What are your favorites?  Are there any other pick me up methods that you prefer?