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My Name Is Steve And I Am A Drug Addict

Elephants and Tea is the fabulous, young adult cancer magazine on the scene and they have been rocking awesome content since they launched earlier this year.  This article, by Steve Giallourakis, is no different.  Steve talks candidly about his cancer experience and his drug addiction.

What is your strongest memory? I don’t mean your favorite memory. I mean your strongest. The type of memory that creeps to the front of your mind when you’re alone. The type when it’s quiet and you feel as if you can hear the actual memory trying to get loose and be heard.

For me it was a day that I had 5mg (milligrams) of morphine pushed straight into my heart (Editor’s Note: The morphine injected into Steven’s body was through his mediport in order to rapidly relieve him of severe pain). I don’t recall anything other then how it made me feel: a sensation that every cell in my body was feeling pure ecstasy. That is all I remember. This is my strongest memory.

This is what crawls back into my mind when it’s quiet. It is my memory that I feel scratching at the inside of my head begging to be remembered. This memory has affected me more than I would have ever cared to admit, until now.

My name is Steven Giallourakis and I am a drug addict.

You can read the rest of the article here.