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Our Founder On The Stupid Cancer Show!

the stupid cancer show

Did you know that there is an awesome radio show just for young adult cancer survivors and caregivers?  It’s a weekly radio show/podcast/dose of awesomeness put on by Stupid Cancer called the Stupid Cancer Show.

I had a great time talking with Matthew Zachary, Founder and CEO of Stupid Cancer, last week.  He is a dynamic personality who immediately makes you feel at ease and excited to be present.  I met him at the Critical Mass conference last year and then again at CancerCon a few months ago.  We talked about my past as a Rocket Scientist, going from being a caregiver to being a cancer survivor, Matthew’s current series in the US News & World Report, fertility and emotional support, and so much more.  Connecting with other young adult cancer survivors is a powerful thing…whether you’re in person, online, or on a radio show.

More about the show in general…

“Produced by Stupid Cancer, the Stupid Cancer Radio Show is a multi-award-winning talk radio podcast that has given voice to the young adult cancer movement and elevated the cause into the global spotlight.”

You can hear the whole episode here or here!  The entire episode (and the whole series of episodes) is super informative and entertaining.