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Parenting An AYA With Cancer Research Study

parent of a young adult cancer survivor

Are you the parent of an adolescent or young adult cancer survivor, aged 14-39 years?  Just like your young adult cancer survivor child, you have unique challenges and needs.  Learning the right balance between parenting and peer, support and allowing independence is difficult!  Researchers at Hunter College have developed a survey just for you!  Now you can help another parent of a young adult cancer survivor, just like you.

From the research team:

“Researchers at Hunter College have designed a survey to better understand the parents’ unique needs, concerns, and experiences in caring for a young adult child with cancer.  Their hope is that the information parents provide helps in developing programs to support other parents facing similar challenges.  Please share this survey with any parents you know that are currently or have cared for a YA child with cancer.”

To see the survey, go here!