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Part 2 of YSC’s Shady Pink Elephant End of Life Series

end of life

Part One of Young Survival Coalition’s Pink Elephant End of Life series was wonderful.  The conversation was enlightened and captivating while offering down to earth and relevant information.  If you missed the live streaming event you can watch it all via youtube, anytime you want!

If you watched the event and want to share what impact it had on your own planning, let us know!

Part Two of the series has been scheduled for January 13th at 9 pm EST and will be a lively discussion with Michael Hebb, founder of Death over Dinner.  Find out more about the free, live streaming event by going here.  Young Survival Coalition has worked hard to put on a meaningful and enriching series and you will not be disappointed.

These end of life discussions are important to have even before we feel the end of our life approaching.  Young Survival Coalition’s End of Life series can help you figure out what information you need, who you will want to include, and how to go about planning for everything in an easy to digest live streaming format.  Check out Part One if you missed it and sign up for Part Two today!

Did you check out the first part of the End of Life series?  What do you think about the speakers and topics so far?