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Party Themes!

Hosting a party can be difficult when you’re dealing with cancer or a long term illness…but those friends of yours are still out partying and raising hell like you used to be so it’s time to bring the party to you!  Hosting a party is a great way to keep your social network engaged and still have some control over when and where the festivities occur.  We’ve talked about hosting a party with very little work but now we’re here to talk about another way to make party hosting easier…party themes!  Having a theme to your party simplifies everything…food, dress, music now all gets to fit the theme!  No need to worry about that awesomely comfortable (but slightly ugly) green tunic that you want to wear…does it fit the theme?  Yes?  Great!!!

Here are some great party theme ideas!

[list type=”like”]
Any science fiction fans out there?  Any real sci-fi fan knows how easy it can become to cater an evening’s wardrobe and food choices to something space-y when a sci-fi theme is on the line.  Pick a specific movie or television series!

[list_item]Christmas Vacation.[/list_item]
Have you seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?  I was all set to go to a Christmas Vacation party last winter when I was stuck home with pneumonia instead.  Oh Well!  Maybe I should just host another one myself!

[list_item]Themed Movie Marathon.[/list_item]
Want to watch all of the Sister Act movies in a row?  Grab some friends and hunker down for a great night of singing and dancing along with Whoopi.  Want to watch each Disney movie in order?  Look through this list and start figuring out where to find those super old Disney favorites…probably to watch over a couple of months…there are a lot of them!  Have a favorite trilogy?  There are so many to choose from!  Make a whole weekend out of it 🙂

[list_item]Murder Mystery.[/list_item]
It is actually fairly easy to host an elaborate, murder mystery dinner!  There are websites where you can spend between $25 and $40 and you receive everything you need to get your guests (and yourself) ready for a mystery in your own home!  The parties can be made to fit your number of guests and theme…I’ve hosted a sci-fi murder mystery dinner and the evening was such fun!  Try Pasta, Passion and Pistols, A Taste for Wine and Murder, or Murder at Mardi Gras and let us know what you think!

Still have some bell-bottoms in your closet?  I remember sporting a few when they were back in fashion in the 90s.  Why not pull out all the stops for a night at the disco, in your very own living room!

[list_item]Fancy Dinner Party.[/list_item]
Want an excuse to get really dressed up and cook something a little more fancy?  Get your friends involved!  Make a potluck out of it and require a top-notch look to enter!

Have an other party theme ideas?  Have you ever tried a murder mystery dinner?