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I got engaged a few weeks ago (whee!), so I’ve justified a few new nail polish purchases (this cornflower blue is my current favorite).Working with preschoolers (and, um, being a nail biter), my nails don’t look great for very long…but there’s something soothing to me about painting them. Personally, I prefer lounging in my own home (sometimes with friends, a bottle of wine, and a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress) and doing it myself, even if it’s less than perfect, but either way…there’s something about having your nails painted that makes you feel a bit fancier. More polished, one might say (I couldn’t resist). And it’s an activity that forces you to take some time to just sit back and relax, which I think we all can benefit from. As summer approaches, I gravitate more toward bright colors on my fingers and toes. Do you have any favorite brands or shades? Do you prefer to go to the salon or stay at home?

Essie nail polish

A few Essie brights: serial shopper, big spender, fashion playground, play date