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Guest Faculty

Bekah Jordan is a writer, designer, educator, installation, and theatre artist who has a love for experimentation and a knack for not following the rules. So it follows suit that she received her cancer diagnosis on the day of final dress rehearsal for a show she was directing in 2013. After much deliberation, the oncology team decided it was a rare form of leukemia called CMML-2 (and of course, over 90% of patients diagnosed with CMML are male and 65+). She had a stem cell transplant (the only chance for cure) later that year at 25 y/o. Now, almost 5 years later, she is still in remission (!) but deals with many challenges including the unruly autoimmune disease GvHD caused by that life-saving transplant. She’s been blogging her experience since the beginning at, and deep down believes that her life is, indeed, a comedy.