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Claire Greco

Hi everyone! My name is Claire Greco, I live in Indianapolis Indiana, and I’m an Aries. Growing up, my favorite book was the Harry Potter series, but as an adult graduate school killed my love for reading for fun. I am a mental health therapist and I now read a lot of books related to mental health and therapy for work.

I don’t have one specific hero that I love, but related to superheroes Captain America is my favorite. Otherwise, real life people I admire include Emma Watson, Bernie Sanders, AOC, the guys from Queer Eye, Kris Jenner (a wide variety I know). If I could choose one superpower it would be to control all the elements (yes, like Avatar).

The hardest challenge I have ever done is being a full time student while in active treatment/recovering from. I probably should have taken some time off, but wanted to push forward. My proudest moment is when I received my Master’s Degree in Social Work. Since then my new challenge is studying for and taking my clinical licensing exam while balancing a client case load.

My guilty pleasures are desserts and watching the Kardashians, just gotta keep up. My personal mantra is there is always room for dessert.

The best piece of advice I ever received is to let the small things be small, and the big things be big. How I stay mentally healthy is to set firm and appropriate boundaries with my work and home life, and spend plenty of time with my wonderful Husband and Dog, Teddy.

My favorite Cactus Cancer Society Program is the game nights and my favorite part of being part of Cactus Cancer Society is the community. I was so isolated during my treatment, and I wish I’d had this community back then!