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Marnie Norris

Marnie has been a Cactus Cancer Society program participant and volunteer since 2016 and a member of the Young Adult Cancer Survivor (YACS) Board since 2018. She spent time in the United States Army as a linguist and analyst and is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute. After the Army, Marnie worked in various roles in the computer software and hardware industry and now works as a business analyst for a health and science university. In 2012 and again in 2015, Marnie was diagnosed with cancer and has also been a cancer caregiver. From these experiences, she discovered a passion for helping others navigate through cancer and advocate for their own wellness. She hopes to use that passion and her skill set to help guide Cactus Cancer Society in their continued mission to provide support and connection for young adult cancer survivors. When not reading, writing, or binge watching sci-fi TV shows, Marnie enjoys spending time with her family and friends and her dog Mabel. She also likes to do yoga and travel, is a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, and is on a continuous quest for the perfect gluten free waffle.