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Development Coordinator

Scarlett received a Leukemia diagnosis at 22 years-old and grappled with Graft Versus Host Disease for several years thereafter, briefly halting her fundraising career in animal rights. 

Scarlett leaned into creativity to cope – hosting community writing circles, becoming a registered yoga teacher, and designing a sustainable fashion line for Denver Fashion Week launched her “new normal,” along with advocating for an even more aligned mission. In wellness, Scarlett jumped at opportunities to serve the AYA cancer community as a board member and fundraising specialist for a host of nonprofit organizations that support patients and survivors: Small Choices Foundation, Believe Ranch and Rescue, Brent’s Place, and most recently, Cactus Cancer Society. 

Prior to joining Cactus Cancer Society, Scarlett spent 5 years fundraising for grassroots and well-resourced nonprofits alike, tending to their growth by creating successful campaigns and events. Her personal connection to cancer and professional experience, combined, fuel an unwavering passion for ensuring AYA patients and survivors have access to spaces where they are seen, heard, celebrated, and supported.