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Are you a young adult cancer survivor or caregiver?  Interested in exploring some purposeful journaling?  Many people, while going through a crisis such as cancer, find writing out their thoughts, fears, or emotions to be very helpful.  Sometimes though, sitting down to write can seem overwhelming.


What should I write about?  Why would I want to focus on all of the troubles that I am having?  I always write about the same things…

Cactus Cancer Society (formerly Lacuna Loft) is here to help!  If you would like to participate in some stress free, prompted journaling sign up below!  You will be sent a journaling prompt each week.  The prompt will help you focus the chaos going on in your life and mind in order to write away some of those cares and anxieties.  If you would like your writing to be read and considered for use here on Cactus Cancer Society as a personal story, let us know that too!  Just fill out the web-form and you’ll receive a prompt on the following Tuesday.  🙂


(Cactus Cancer Society considers anyone diagnosed with cancer, at any stage of the experience, to be a survivor!)

Weekly journal prompts are crafted by a group of amazing certified journal therapists and facilitators.**

Want to receive journal prompts in your inbox each week? Click the button below and choose “Weekly Journaling Prompts” as a program you’re interested in. (Pick as many programs as you’d like!)

**This is part of a structured journal writing program. Nothing in this program constitutes psychotherapy, nor does it establish a therapist-client relationship.**