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The Bridge: Where Before and After Meet – A Journal Workshop for Grief, Loss, & Healing

Experiencing grief can feel like we are traveling in a foreign land. Our body clock is off. Food tastes different. Faces are familiar but strange. We are in a different zone, and the path is not linear.

The Before and After aspects of a cancer diagnosis can feel like two different countries. It is possible to make friends with grief and build a bridge between the two. You are that bridge, and the journal is the architect to help you build.

Cactus Cancer Society is pleased to offer The Bridge: When Before and After Meet – A Journal workshop for Grief, Loss, and Healing.  This will be a 6-week workshop facilitated by Jean Rowe, LCSW,** Certified Journal Therapist, using journal techniques to recognize, embrace, and cultivate acceptance around the themes of grief, loss, and healing.  Of particular focus is the “before” and “after” of a cancer diagnosis and the multilayered impact it brings.

Where: Online video chat. We’ll send you more information about joining after you register. Please have a microphone headset and a webcam.

Who: Young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

When: Check out the right-hand side bar for the next scheduled session.

**This is part of a structured journal writing program. Nothing in this program constitutes psychotherapy, nor does it establish a therapist-client relationship.**

Thu, Mar 10, 2022
- Thu, Apr 14, 2022