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Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Some neighbors of mine recently hosted a Thanksgiving in September celebration so I found myself officially calling it Fall and breaking out some pumpkin.  I baked these delectable Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls and some creamed corn, all from scratch.  Now that October is underway, I’m feeling the need for some more pumpkin in my life, pronto!  Seemed like a good week to share the pumpkin cinnamon rolls recipe!  I’d call these rolls an intermediate baking activity but the instructions in the recipe are VERY step-by-step and straight forward.  I followed them exactly and my rolls turned out absolutely delicious.

To start, the recipe for these mouth watering pumpkin cinnamon rolls is found here, at Averie Cooks.  I used canned pumpkin…there weren’t many harvested pumpkins yet back in September, and honestly, given the time it takes to make these rolls, I think I’ll go for canned pumpkin the next time I make them too.  I’ll also admit to having served these pumpkin cinnamon rolls for dessert and then for breakfast the next morning.  🙂

2015-09-04 12.41.12-1

2015-09-04 14.43.26

2015-09-04 14.52.48

2015-09-04 14.55.50

2015-09-04 15.07.48-1



2015-09-05 09.33.29-1The pumpkin cinnamon rolls are tender and gooey.  Not overly pumpkin-y but just the right amount.  Too bad I made these a few weeks ago…I’m really getting a craving for one now!

Are you doing any baking with pumpkin this fall?  Share your recipes!