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Quick FAQ for GVCC


Lacuna Loft offers online programs and resources to young adults (age 18-45) facing cancer as patients, survivors, or caregivers.  Lacuna Loft is the leader in online wellness support and resources for young adult cancer survivors and caregivers, enabling them to have the age-appropriate support they deserve through a medium that fits their lifestyle.

Though more and more organizations are beginning to offer online programs for young adults facing cancer, ours are still the most diverse and comprehensive, with more than 12 programs running every month directly through our website or through a video chat platform.

Check out our list of frequently asked questions!


Who does Lacuna Loft serve?

Lacuna Loft serves the young adult cancer population. The National Cancer Institute defines an Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) as someone aged 15 – 39 who is affected by cancer.  Lacuna Loft is the only organization providing a diverse set of comprehensive, age-appropriate, online wellness and psychosocial programs for the young adult (YA) cancer community.  We stretch the age limits to patients/survivors ages 18-45 to be more inclusive.

Why does Lacuna Loft serve the YA community?

There are numerous, long-lasting effects of surviving cancer as a young adult.  These young adults need connection to one another, access to emotional support that addresses their age-specific needs (such as fertility concerns, lack of peer support, financial burdens, budding careers, etc.), and encouragement from other young adults navigating cancer and survivorship.

Are Lacuna Loft programs free to join?

If you’re a young adult (between the ages of 18-45) diagnosed with cancer or are a young adult caring for someone with cancer (a caregiver), then yes!  Program participants include YAs who are previvors, survivors, patients in active treatment, survivors of childhood cancer who are now in the YA age-range, and YA caregivers.  You can join our programs from anywhere as long as you have internet!

Your programs sound awesome!  How do I participate from the comfort of my own home?

If you want to be notified the second a specific program opoprtunity is announced, sign up on our program list (you’ll find a link to do this on any program specific page), and specify which programs you want to be notified about.  Then you’ll receive an email when you can register for that specific program’s next opportunity.  Half of our programs are available directly through our website and the other half are facilitated through Zoom, an online video chat platform. Once you’ve signed up for a program opportunity, we’ll send you an email explaining everything you need to know.

As an example, if you go to the link to sign up for program notifications and choose ‘Book Club’ and ‘Creative Art Workshops,’ you will be sent an email when you can sign up for a session of either of those programs.  If you receive an email for May’s Creative Art Workshop and you like the activity scheduled, you can register specifically for that month’s Creative Art Workshop.  Creative Art Workshops are 2 hours long and happen monthly while the Book Club happens about 4 times each year and lasts for several months (we’ll read a book together).  Each of our programs’ specific pages will explain how to join and how often they happen.

Which programs occur via Zoom and how do I have the best experience possible?

Creative Art Workshops, Creative Writing Workshops, Young Adult Cancer (YAC) Hangouts, Game Night, How to Turn Your Story Into Change Workshops, and more!  Being able to see and interact with the other program participants is an essential key to connecting with other young adults facing cancer. Having a working webcam is a requirement to be eligible to participate.  Luckily, webcams are everywhere!  This can include the webcam built into your tablet, phone, computer, etc!  We also suggest using headphones (they really help cut down on the background noise and we can usually hear you better!) :).

How do I know your programs are any good?

Before every video chat program, Lacuna Loft sends a short initial survey. It is really important that our participants take them!  This is how we are able to gauge how our programs are helping and how we can make them better.  A post-program survey is sent that is equally as important and participants are encouraged to complete both.  Each survey only takes a couple of minutes and both are invaluable to making sure programs are exactly what you need them to be.  In this way, we are continually evaluating our programs so that they are meeting the needs of the ones who are most important, you!

I’m feeling crafty!  How does joining a Creative Art Workshop work?

First, you’ll need to sign up! Our Creative Art Workshops are one of our most popular programs and we usually have a hard cut off with how many participants we allow. If you want to be notified the second the next workshop is announced, sign up on our program list (you’ll find a link to do this on any program specific page), and specify which programs you want to be notified about.  Then you’ll receive an email when you can register for a workshop.  If you’re lucky enough to snag a spot, you’ll give us your mailing and email address (we never sell your information or give it away for any reason without your direct consent) when you sign up. We will then send you a supply box full of all the materials you’ll need to participate in the activity (for FREE!). A couple of days before the workshop, we’ll send you a Zoom link and any other information you’ll need before you hop on at the scheduled day and time.

Why do I need to agree to have my video turned on in some programs?

If the program is hosted on video chat, Zoom is the platform we use, then the face-to-face connection with other young adults facing cancer is half the fun!  In order to create as inclusive an experience as possible, we ask that everyone have their video turned on so that we can see and hear you.

I’m a healthcare provider or a researcher who needs help recruiting for a study!

We can help you do that!  Email for more details and to share about your work with us!

What cancer diagnoses are allowed to join Lacuna Loft’s programs?

Absolutely any diagnosis!  Only in very specific circumstances do we run programs that are restricted to a certain diagnosis.  Usually, absolutely everyone facing young adult cancer can join!

Have more questions?

Email our Chief Program Officer, Aerial at and make sure to check out our website at!