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Representative… Representative!

I start out each calendar year determined that this will be the year I finally run a stopwatch to see the number of hours I wait on hold with my insurance company. Or my doctor’s office system. Or with the pre-authorization company. Really, there is a bevy of time-sucking parasites from which to choose.

I can sign two of the horrendous hold songs off the top of my head. There’s even an episode of This American Life that covers one, Opus No. 1, if you desire to know the history of it. There’s that intermittent “thank you for holding. All our representatives are busy,” message that makes me think someone has picked up the line, only to crumble upon learning of my continued hold.

This is why I want to tell you about Get Human.

Do I remember how I found this website? No. Was it probably past the 30-minute mark after waiting, yet again, to be transferred? Probably.

But does how I found it matter? No. Here is what you need to know: it gets you the phone number to speak to an actual person. And then it will even give you the best time to call and the numbers to input while on the hold menu to get to a person!

Here’s how it looks for one insurance company:

So convenient, right?

I can’t guarantee you that every organization you’re looking for will be covered here. But I can promise that if the business or company is on here, your life will be made so much easier.