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Sara’s Story

sara's story lacuna loft

The stories behind Lacuna Loft are the most important part of the organization.  These stories are courageous and powerful beyond measure.  This is a piece of Sara’s Story…

When I was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24, I felt alone, lost and suddenly disconnected from others in my age group. Going through a health crisis of this nature at such a young age was not something people my age could relate to, and I felt isolated. When I started writing with the group of young survivors, I immediately found solace in the family of young adults who knew exactly what it felt like to walk this path of sickness and healing. Writing with this group not only helped me to no longer feel isolated, it provided me the therapy to process my situation in a healthy way. It offered me a tool to cope and feel grounded in myself. It helped me see my gifts and my purpose in the world. It empowered me to share my voice with others because I felt safe to do so. It helped me to feel connected to myself, my creativity and other people in a way that no other therapy or program has ever been able to offer.

I am deeply grateful to Lacuna Loft and the wonderful group of people that make up this organization. This group of powerful young writer warriors has brought so much healing to my life. I believe I would not be as well off in my health and confidence if I didn’t have the support of such a beautiful group.

What to do next?  Stay tuned for more happening this week.  You’ll hear some powerful stories from our community as well as some exciting announcements!  Pledge Drive week has a lot left in store for you!