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Scroll for a Laugh

Your week got you feeling like the dog in the “this is fine” cartoon? Trying to pry your eyes away from yet another dumpster fire? We’ve got a few funny and entertaining social media recommendations for you! Don’t worry, that fire will still be raging – but we’ve got to rally strength before we can take down systems that are failing, right?

Recess Therapy: @Recess_Therapy on Instagram and TikTok

You’re likely familiar with this account from the amazing corn-loving kid, Tariq, whose clip and song went viral last year. But there’s still more to this account than just appreciation for a vegetable on a cob. Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviews kids in New York City and they unleash their opinions and thoughts on everything from the future, love, and aliens. (Naturally.) This account is amazing for the kids it features, but also because Julian asks questions that are open-ended and totally respectful of the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of the interview subjects. 5/5 cobs of corn.

That Sad Beige Lady: @OfficialSadBeige on Instagram and @SadBeige on TikTok

This account consistently delivers for its satire of simple but deceptively expensive clothing, kids toys, and the culture of “cosplaying poverty.” Sound too academic? Trust me, it’s not. The creator’s hallmark is a parody of German director Werner Herzog – a guy I was not familiar with until this account, but apparently makes depressing movies (and somehow also Jack Reacher?). Gear up to pass along a reel every time I hear “welcome to Säd beige clothes for säd beige children.” If you, too, marvel at how neutrals can be absolutely abused by the rich, this account is for you.

Julian Cookies: @JulianCookies on IG and @JulianBurzynski on TikTok

We have come a long, long way in the realm of lip-synching videos. There are traditional song and dance numbers – but what about iconic scenes in works such as Scream, Bridesmaids, and Bob’s Burgers? Enter Julian. Julian’s attention is not focused on body manipulation – he sports a full mustache and chest hair, no matter where the character he’s portraying lies on the gender spectrum. Instead, he is one of the most accurate performers I’ve seen, capturing the speaking, noises, and breath of the subjects on screen.