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Have You Seen Our Journaling Prompts?

Lacuna Loft journaling prompts

At my most recent CT scan, the woman who normally greets me at the door to the waiting room and checks me in was off of work.  She normally takes my insurance info (for the millionth time), brings me that gross liquid I used to have to drink, and remembers my name every time I come in.  I had found comfort in knowing that I would get to see her smiling face each time I went in for a scan…but this time she wasn’t there.  I walked in, saw a brand new face, and immediately wanted to cry.  This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be!  That one little change in such a stressful situation was enough to put me over my tipping point.

Have you experienced something like this before?  Describe it.  How did it make you feel?  What do you think caused such a reaction?

If you are signed up for our journaling prompts, you received the prompt above (bolded and italicized) along with a bit of my back story earlier today.  Last week you would have received this one…

Without naming it, describe your favorite color as a person.

…which I think is my favorite so far of the prompt’s Lacuna Loft has offered.  Some of the Lacuna Loft journaling prompts are deep, asking you to really consider something about yourself and your life, and others seem more superficial.  Either way, journaling can provide a great insight into your emotions and wellbeing.  Journaling is for everyone involved with this icky process of young adult cancer and long term illness.  As a caregiver and as a survivor, I was immensely aided in my healing through journaling.

Are you interested in signing up for the Lacuna Loft journaling prompts?  The sign up is super easy (just fill out this simple form) and we’ll get you a prompt within the first 24 hours!  Then, each week (well, mostly each week) you’ll be sent a simple email with a journal prompt inside.  If you really like what you wrote and are interested in having it published here on Lacuna Loft, let us know!

Have you kept a journal before?  What did you think of the process?

P.S. One of our contributor’s has talked about her practice of keeping a journal and offers some helpful insight!