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Retreat Day

self care

On Monday, February 23, I’m going to be enjoying a day of nurturing myself.  I made a resolution to grow in self care over the month of February – an “I love me” month, if you will.  This has included taking a luxurious bath, slowing down with a big cup of tea, lighting candles more, noticing the moments of sheer beauty around me (dizzily falling snowflakes with intricate patterns melting on my coat, pudgy grey-blue clouds hugging the horizon when I first walk outside)… and big plans for a retreat day!  I invite you to join me (on that day or another) to practice some self care and enjoy life.

First, I thought of the things that I wish I did more of… but don’t.  Because I have to go far away, because I need more time, because I have other things to do, etc.  I love having a long day with lots of yoga practice to be in my body and learn from it.  I love time to learn from someone else, an outside teacher, to push me to grow.  And, I love time to listen to the inner teacher in me, to see if I need more nurturing or if I have a lot of energy to dance out!   So, I have a video of one of my favorite yoga teachers that I’m planning to do and I’m making time for me to do a little of my own yoga.

I also love to spend time walking outside with my doggie.  Check.  I also love yummy food and eating slowly with calm music and a beautiful view.  So I’m making enough time for that to happen, too.  And, reading with some yummy tea.  And maybe painting my nails.

My schedule:
7-8a teach my weekly Community Flow yoga class

8-9a make breakfast, take my doggie on a walk

9-9:30a meditation

9:30-11a listen to a lecture from my online yoga teacher training

11-12:30p practice yoga with a video

12:30-2p lunchtime and doggie walk

2-3:30p another online lecture OR reading time

3:30-4:30p practice yoga on my own

4:30-5p meditate, paint my nails, or whatever else feels right!


Where on your calendar can you save some time for yourself this month?  What do you want to do with it?  What are the obstacles you can plan around (like rearranging obligations or asking for help or buying your food ahead of time)?  Who can you tell in order to keep it real in your mind (and keep you honest about doing it)?  Below I added some resources that might inspire you to put together your own day.

Kripalu Restorative Yoga Class – I cannot say enough about how great this school is because the teachers I know who have trained here are superb and therapeutically trained.

Christina Sell Yoga on YouTube – Check out the 10 minute tune-ups or some of her longer classes.  “Give yourself credit for being a person who can roll out their mat… and practice being connected to themselves, even if for only 10 minutes a day!”

Treat your feet (or hands) – I wrote a little about massaging your feet.  Maybe add some nail polish for a spa day!

Lacuna Loft’s journal prompts could provide a good start for some introspective time

Meditation resources are everywhere – here is one helpful article.  There are a ton of guided recordings available too, see what connects with you!

Check your local library for some books that inspire you or make you laugh – I like books by Parker Palmer,  Amy Poehler’s new book, “Still” by Lauren Winner, poetry… what are your favorites?

What would a self care retreat day look like for you?  We can’t wait to hear about your self care time here or on Facebook!