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Setting Summer 2015 Goals

summer 2015 goals

Wow!  When I realized that it was time to start thinking about some goals for the upcoming summer season it came to my attention that I hadn’t set any goals for spring!  This winter was quite hard on me…so many dreary days and so much cold.  So when spring arrived I felt instantly energized and ready go.  I never stopped and thought to write down some objectives!

Setting goals, whether you are dealing with a long term illness, caregiving for a loved one, or dealing with cancer as a young adult, is a healthy way to evaluate the small things you can do to improve your day-to-day life.  Did you all set some spring goals?  Have you revisited them and decided to set summer 2015 goals too?

If you’re interested, these were my 2014 Summer goals, my goals for Fall 2014, and Winter 2014-2015.  Feel free to share yours with us!  When I first talked about my goals for the summer, and then my goals for the fall, I had visions of daily walks where I didn’t need to force myself out the door, dinners filled with enticing and wonderfully healthy vegetables, meditation expanding my mind’s eye, and so much more.  Now that fall has come and almost gone, it is time to look at those goals, decide how well they were accomplished, and to readjust for the coming new season.

Mallory’s Goals for the Winter were…

[list type=”like”]
[list_item]take more real pictures.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  nope 🙂

[list_item]bake yummy things.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Check!  Maybe not everything was baked but I definitely baked and cooked more things!  I’ve made smoothies, applesauce, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon cream cheese banana cupcakes (though I think I counted these in my fall goals?), chocolate pudding cake, crepes, waffles, triple berry pancakesa french toast casserole, a hashbrown potato and egg bake, and a few more!

[list_item]continue growing Lacuna Loft.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Yep!  We are now a not for profit corporation in the State of California and have filed for our federal tax exempt status!  501(c)3, here we come!  We have some great collaborations coming in the next few weeks, the board is finding its feet and planning our first fundraising and strategy push, and so much more!

[list_item]move every day.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Always a process!  This was going so well for a while there, and then I was hit with weddings, conferences, bridal parties & showers, extra dog sitting, and more weddings.  Back on the wagon again though!

[list_item]eat fewer sweets.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Not sure I paid enough attention to this…  I think I ate fewer sweets overall but not because I actually made any steps to make my pantry and fridge healthier places.  I think my grocery visits need to be more frequent and I need to pay more attention to having a mostly stocked pantry with healthy choices.

[list_item]explore meditation.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  I have now tried meditating!  Hasn’t become a daily or weekly practice at all, but I like what I’ve tried so far!  I will share on the blog in the next few months!

[list_item]play with my pups.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  YES!  Love those two!

[list_item]hike in the snow.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Does walking around the neighborhood count?  🙂

[list_item]make more things.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Oh my…so many projects!  My husband and I started making an ottoman and I finished a quilt for my sister and brother in law’s wedding!  Over the winter I also made snowman pillows, an embroidery floss belt, and an eye mask.


Ok!  Time for setting summer 2015 goals!

Mallory’s Summer 2015 Goals!:

[list type=”like”]
[list_item]get Lacuna Loft all ready to move to Northern California.[/list_item]
There are still some forms and logistics that need to be taken care of before moving to Northern California at the end of the summer.

[list_item]bake yummy things.[/list_item]
I (STILL! STILL!) specifically want to make some macaroons!

[list_item]channel the tortoise while packing this summer.[/list_item]
Slow and steady wins the race!

[list_item]move every day.[/list_item]
Dog walks, dog runs, yoga, swimming, you name it.  I want to stop working and make some space to sweat and move every day.  I’m going on a canoe trip later this summer and need to get my arms ready!

[list_item]grocery shop with more intention.[/list_item]
I’ll eat healthy things if I buy healthy things…but I seem to run out of those fruits and veggies so quickly!  I’d like to start shopping with more intention towards making healthy food choices all week long.  Just picked up some brussels sprouts the other day…I’m excited to try cooking them tonight!

[list_item]explore meditation.[/list_item]
Yes…I still (STILL! STILL) really really want to explore meditation further.  Hopefully we will have some posts about it here in the near future.  Anyone have any pointers to provide?

[list_item]make more things.[/list_item]
I have some crafts that need to be finished before moving.  The list is growing!

When do you decide to set goals?  Do you set them for a season or for a year?  Setting summer 2015 goals is a great way to focus in on a shorter amount of time.  Warm weather and sun…can’t go wrong!