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Setting Winter Goals

setting winter goals

While the weather this past weekend (in my neck of the woods) was unseasonably warm, winter is definitely back.  The days are shorter, the trees are nearly bare, and holiday lights are starting to appear on trees and houses.

Setting goals, whether you are dealing with a long term illness, caregiving for a loved one, or dealing with cancer is a healthy way to evaluate the small things you can do to improve your day-to-day life.  Did you all set some fall goals?  Have you revisited them and decided to set winter goals too?

When I first talked about my goals for the summer, and then my goals for the fall, I had visions of daily walks where I didn’t need to force myself out the door, dinners filled with enticing and wonderfully healthy vegetables, meditation expanding my mind’s eye, and so much more.  Now that fall has come and almost gone, it is time to look at those goals, decide how well they were accomplished, and to readjust for the coming new season.

Mallory’s Goals for the Fall were…

[list type=”like”]
[list_item]take more real pictures.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Nope…did not do this at all.  My camera is finally sitting on a counter in the living room…maybe that will help get things rolling?
[list_item]bake yummy things.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  While I specifically wanted to make macaroons and didn’t, I made so many new baked goodies this fall!  I baked apple pies and pumpkin pies with a friend for Thanksgiving (did I mention that the crusts were homemade too?), cooked homemade banana cream pudding (maybe not a baked item but I’m counting it!), and more!

[list_item]continue growing Lacuna Loft.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Check!  I went to the 2014 Critical Mass Conference, have continued meeting and networking with a great group of cancer advocates and resource centers, and we made the decision to file for non-profit status.  Whew!
[list_item]eat lots of different vegetables.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Check!  Sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, oh my!  I’ve learned that the key to eating vegetables is buying vegetables 🙂  If I have a veggie to easily grab and snack on, I’m more likely to choose a veggie over that piece of chocolate!  I’ve also become crafty about sneaking vegetables into meals (has anyone else successfully put peas in mac-n-cheese?  so good!)
[list_item]take a dog walk everyday.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Check!  While there were weeks when this happened every day and weeks when this happened every other day, I’m going to consider it a win.
[list_item]explore meditation.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  Well…I started going to yoga at least once a week but I think meditation is still on the list of to-trys.
[list_item]start training for a race.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  I have not started training for a race…but I’ve started running again!  Does that count?  🙂
[list_item]go camping.[/list_item]
UPDATE:  I went backyard camping with my family of four!  It was really fun to spend a night outside, right before the cold weather really set in, and to test the 2 pups in a very small tent 🙂

Ok!  Time for setting winter goals!

Mallory’s Winter Goals!:

[list type=”like”]
[list_item]take more real pictures.[/list_item]
Yep…I want to do this on a weekly basis.
[list_item]bake yummy things.[/list_item]
I (STILL!) specifically want to make some macaroons!
[list_item]continue growing Lacuna Loft.[/list_item]
This will keep being a primary goal of mine.  We are applying for non-profit status, forming a board, and starting to set a planning strategy for the next few years…this winter is going to be great!
[list_item]move every day.[/list_item]
Dog walks, dog runs, yoga, swimming, you name it.  I want to stop working and make some space to sweat and move every day.
[list_item]eat fewer sweets.[/list_item]
I love sugar…donuts, pies, chocolate, the list goes on and on.  With the holidays fast approaching, I want to make healthy decisions as often as possible 🙂
[list_item]explore meditation.[/list_item]
Yes…I still (STILL!) really really want to try meditation.  Hopefully we will have some posts about it here in the near future.
[list_item]play with my pups.[/list_item]
I often work from home.  While I’m in close proximity to my two lovely doggies, they often sleep most of the day.  My husband is also a work-a-holic.  Time for us all to take a breather and make some space for us…time for us all to play together a bit more each day!
[list_item]hike in the snow.[/list_item]
It has been years since I went hiking in the snow.  (unless you count walking along a beach?)  Time to bundle up, grab the pups and husband, and head out with the first snow!
[list_item]make more things.[/list_item]
My craft list is growing!  I have things I want to make for Christmas presents, wedding presents, household fun, and more.

When do you decide to set goals?  Do you set them for a season or for a year?  Setting winter goals is a great way to focus in on a shorter amount of time than new year’s resolutions…especially during the winter months when things can quickly seem dreary in the continual cold!