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Shining The Light On Metastatic Breast Cancer

metastatic breast cancer

Refinery 29 is shining the light on metastatic breast cancer.  Using wonderfully beautiful photographs of women facing metastatic breast cancer.

“…Refinery29, in partnership with #Cancerland, has been bringing you these women’s stories, in an effort to change the conversation about breast cancer. We’ve talked about how only about 2% of the money raised for breast cancer research goes toward metastatic disease, and we followed stage-IV activists to D.C. as they lobbied congress to change that. But as October comes to an end, we want to turn to the daily, lived experiences of these women: What is it really like to live with a disease that everyone seems to have heard of, but no one really understands?”

The pictures show the scars and the faces and the souls behind the women, bringing life and awareness to this terrible disease.  The women talk about quality of life and the continual grieving that happens when life and its goals are irrevocably changed.

Are you a metastatic young adult cancer survivor interested in sharing your story?  Email

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