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Sibling Mindfulness Project

sibling mindfulness project

Coping with a brother’s or sister’s cancer treatment can be tough. Researchers from the University of North Texas and CanTeen, an Australian organization for young people living with cancer, are exploring whether using a smartphone-based mindfulness app can help. If you are between 15 and 25 years old and have a sibling who has been diagnosed with cancer in the past five years, you may be eligible to participate in our research study.

Researchers will provide participants with a mindfulness app, ACT companion, which you will use over the 8-week period of the study. Participants will be asked to complete brief questionnaires before, after the intervention, and at 2-month follow-up. With this study, the researchers are hoping to explore whether mindfulness as a therapy (delivered by a smartphone app) can be helpful for you and whether family relationship styles affect how well mindfulness works. The results will be used to better understand how siblings are impacted by their brother’s or sister’s cancer, as well as what works to help.

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