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Sign Up Today For Our Online Drawing Workshop!

young adult cancer drawing workshop

Do you like to draw?  Are you a young adult cancer survivor or caregiver?

Join our 2 hour Drawing Workshop, the first in our #LetsMakeStuff @LacunaLoft series of online workshops!

This workshop is designed to teach you the basics of sketching and drawing.  If you’ve never done this before, you’re in luck!  Brett will go step-by-step through everything!  If you love drawing and you’re a real pro already, no problem!  While some of the tutorial will be more than you need, the rest of the time spent drawing and being artsy with other young-adult-cancer-or-illness-having peers will be totally worth it.

This workshop is a 2 hour commitment and will occur on either Saturday May 21 or Sunday May 22, depending on everyone’s availability, via google video hangout.  10 survivors or caregivers can join this time around.  Can’t make the dates this time?  Don’t worry!  We’ll offer another Drawing Workshop in the next few months!

How does it work?  After you sign up below and we figure out when most people are available, we’ll send you an email stating the official time of the drawing workshop.  Then, the first 10 survivors and caregivers who RSVP are officially in!  A few weeks later, you’ll receive everything you need to participate in the drawing workshop in the mail.  Yep!  We’ll send you just about everything you’ll need!

#LetsMakeStuff @LacunaLoft

Sign up today for our Drawing Workshop!