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Silence Of Life

unspoken ink writing group

I miss the simplicity of just being. The hustle and bustle of this thing we call life is utterly stressful and noisy. All the distractions are blinking like neon lights. What’s amazing is when you pause and embrace the silence.

I never thought I could meditate, let alone make it a daily habit. Now I must have 15-20 minutes of pure silence a day, whether thru a guided meditation, music or just sitting. Once I understood that meditating and mindfulness does not mean totally clearing the mind, but it’s letting the thoughts come, release them and coming back to center. I truly see the value in it.

As a talker who used to work in radio and TV, noise used to fill the silence.

Now I see it’s the time in silence that is filling my soul.

by Megan-Claire Chase

You can read more of Megs writing at Life on the Cancer Train.

How would you respond to the writing prompt, From an animal’s point of view?

This writing comes directly from one of our participants in our Unspoken Ink Creative Writing Group for young adult cancer survivors.  The participants met for 2 hours each week, for 8 weeks during our Winter 2018 session.  This writing has not been edited since its original creation, showing the wonderfully raw and powerful prose coming from the courageous writing group participants each week.  If you’d like to sign up for future sessions, please email or sign up on our interest form.