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Speaker Series Talk: Lacuna Loft’s Origin Story – Mallory

lacuna loft origin story

Our 4th Speaker Series talk is live!  Check out Mallory’s talk on Lacuna Loft’s Origin Story in the video below!

It was really fun for me to tell Lacuna Loft’s origin story.  Lacuna Loft’s beginning and my own cancer story are very intertwined (as you may have guessed since I founded the organization) and while I’ve shared snippets before in other ways on Lacuna Loft, it was nice to put it all together in a short(ish) video.

Just recently, someone sent me an email with the question, “How can I do what you do?” and it got me thinking. What is Lacuna Loft? What do we do? Where did we start? And, how did we get there? I’m asked questions all the time about starting a nonprofit, what being a woman CEO is like, where Lacuna Loft’s name comes from, and more. Well! We’re talking about all of that and more during this speaker series talk!

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