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Speaker Series Talk: Learning To Live Life Post Cancer – Kim

living life after cancer

Our 2nd Speaker Series talk is live!  Check out Kim’s talk on Learning To Live Life Post Cancer in the video below!

It was really fun chatting with Kim about her role caregiving as a young adult after her sister’s cancer diagnosis. You’ll find great tips on learning to live life post cancer as a caregiver and much more!

To hear that my sister had cancer was an indescribable feeling. For me, the only thing harder than hearing those words, was learning to live life while going through it. The second hardest has been learning to live life post-cancer. As all consuming as cancer was and is, a tremendous power was gained when I chose to take back some control during one of the most uncontrollable situations that I will probably ever face. In doing so, I have gained a unique perspective that I hope will help others to do the same.

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