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Making A Statement

One of my favorite ways to pull an outfit together is by adding on a statement accessory or two. 

I try to look presentable on most days (…sometimes this just means saying ‘no’ to sweatpants and yes to jeans), but it’s the tough days (whether heartbroken, visiting a family member in the hospital, or getting ready for a stressful meeting at work) where I lean on my closet the heaviest. And—whether short on time or on budget—statement pieces of jewelry can be the easiest way to help me feel more like my best self. Necklaces don’t care about your weight or the weather (or the fact that I spend a lot of my day chasing after preschool students), they add something to a jeans/tee combination or elevate a little black dress.

A few of my current favorites are below. Do you have your eye on any statement pieces?

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