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Summer Attire: Wedding Guest!

Depending on your age, this season might hit you harder (or not so much), but I know I’m in the midst of WEDDING SEASON! At this ripe old age of 28 (ha), I don’t tend to have quite so many to attend over the summer/fall months (I “only” have three this season), but I know I had a record 6 on my calendar a few years ago. Either way, I find it’s the time of year when I need a few reliable dresses in my closet for the actual big days, and for all the events that come with them (bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners!). I won’t deny that attending weddings can be expensive and time-consuming, but I love them. Celebrating those close to me finding their partners…it’s pretty great stuff! I’ve found that, even if my own personal life was feeling challenging at the time, I truly enjoyed being surrounded by love and good wishes for a happy couple.

As for what to wear, I just thought I’d share a few of my favorite sources for special dresses. I like to believe that most dresses can be transformed into “wedding guest” apparel through the magic of accessories, so I might only buy one new dress a season and work within my wardrobe for the rest. For the wedding my fiance’ and I attended recently, I went for this dress, knowing that I could also wear it more casually for date nights and future wedding events. I love to stalk Banana Republic (especially when I have reward $s to spend and they’re having 40% sales!), ModClothNordstrom (free shipping and returns!), Anthropologie (these have higher ‘re-wear’ potential for me), and to scour the outlets (BCBG and JCrew’s outlets make their pieces much more affordable). I’ve also seen friends gussy up dresses from Target with ease (my height makes their dresses more challenging, but their bridesmaid-oriented options intrigue me). For this tall lady, heels aren’t my favorite option, but I make sure to have at least one pair of fancy, wedding-ready flats on hand throughout the year (this is my current pair; $30!).

If you have any specific summer wedding attire questions or challenges, feel free to send them my way. A few current options that catch my eye are below (and a few of my own wedding-guest looks of yore are above).

assorted summer dresses

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