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Take A Break In A Chair!

We have started a new series here on Lacuna Loft called Take A Break!  Once a week or so we’ll post a different Take A Break article with a new twist.  This week, enjoy some tips on how to...

Take A Break In A Chair… (maybe a chemo chair? entertain yourself at chemo!)

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[list_item]Create a cozy space.[/list_item]
I love having a lap board and a small throw blanket when I’m stuck in a chair for a few hours at a time.  Maybe even a cozy scarf or slipper socks!  (We have a whole cozy kit in fact!)

[list_item]Bring a friend.[/list_item]
Nothing helps pass the time in a stressful environment more than having a friend with you.  Can’t have someone there every second?  Try bringing along a plush buddy to keep you company!  (At chemo, I usually had a slew of plush friends with me.)

[list_item]Play a game.[/list_item]
There are a number of awesome games that are easy to carry with you and that don’t take up too much space.  Have you tried Bananagrams or Pass the Pigs?

You’re ready to enjoy your time…in a chair!

P.S.  Take a break outside.

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