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Take A Break With A Good Movie

We have started a new series here on Lacuna Loft called Take A Break!  Once a week or so we’ll post a different Take A Break article with a new twist.  This week, enjoy some tips on how to...

Take A Break With A Good Movie…

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[list_item]Pick out the perfect flick.[/list_item]
Whether you’re watching an old favorite for the 100th time or a brand new flick, pick out the movie that will brighten your day!  You might also want to check out this site that lets you know whether an animal is harmed in the movie. (I know that I always find it a huge bummer when an animal dies just as I’m starting to enjoy myself!)

[list_item]Find some snacks.[/list_item]
Movies are always more fun with a snack in hand.  Are you in the mood for movie theater butter popcorn, movie night candy, or maybe some fun sparkling juice?

[list_item]Invite some friends.[/list_item]
I tend to gab during movies (would this bother you?) and love to engage some friends with what is worth gabbing about!  Whether you’re having a why did she just do that?! or a finally! kind of movie moment, it is always more fun to share 🙂  You could even issue everyone movie tickets and add some decorations!

[list_item]Cozy up.[/list_item]
If you’re going to watch a movie from home, there is no reason not to be comfortable and cozy.  You could reach for a Lacuna Loft cozy infinity scarf, a tried and true snuggie or blanket, or even a travel pillow.

You’re ready to enjoy your movie break!

Take a break!

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