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Take A Vacation From Cancer: Backyard Camping

While going through treatments, various people suggested that my husband (fiance at the time) and I take a vacation from cancer.  Easier said than done!!! I continually thought to myself while smiling at their well-intentioned words.  Even now, 3 years into my survivorship, I still often feel like I need a vacation from cancer…my worries about having a baby because of cancer, my drive to tell the world why Young Adult cancer needs more resources, my issues with finding new health insurance this year that will cover cancer…cancer does seem to be a recurring theme.

Well!  I think my little family of 4 (2 people and 2 furry daughter dogs) have finally started figuring out how to take little vacations from cancer (and life in general).  My husband and I have started taking days off from our cell phones while staying totally engaged with one another, taking little excursions that feel like mini adventures.  This past week, while the weather was still on the warm-ish side of fall, and before our first freeze, I announced to my husband that we would be spending a night camping in our backyard!  Another little adventure to take a vacation from our day to day grind.

A few years ago I purchased a tent, with the idea of backpacking in mind.  It is a small, 2 person tent weighing only 4 pounds.  Probably not the most suitable tent for backyard camping with my little family of 4…but we made it work 🙂  The pups weren’t entirely sure what to do but they quickly nestled into the blankets and the sleeping bags along with myself and my husband.  We used headlamps to light the interior and spent the evening chatting and snuggling.  Listening to the noises outside, even in our own backyard, was a wonderfully soothing way to fall asleep.



Have you tried to take a vacation from cancer?  Now that I’m getting the hang of it, I would highly recommend making it a weekly routine.  What ways do you use to take a vacation from cancer or illness?