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Take Flat Cactus On Your Adventures!

A cartoon graphic of a cactus with cartoon eyes and a wide smile. There is a flower used as a hat on its head.

We love seeing all of your faces online – but we want to see what you’re up to offline, too!

Meet Flat Cactus!

Flat Cactus is a printable cactus image that you can print and bring with you where ever you go and want to bring some Cactus Cancer spirit with you. Heading on a roadtrip and seeing Cactus friends along the way? Print Flat Cactus out and take photos! Going solo to a super cool place and want to represent CCS? Celebrating your last round of chemo? Take that photo when you ring that bell! 

Use #PricklyInPerson to share your adventures with the CCS community. Where ever you go, take Flat Cactus with you and show off your prickly pride!

You can find a printable Flat Cactus on our website under the Gallery tab at the top of the page, or click here. We can’t wait to see where you take it!