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Take our 2022 Community Survey!

A cactus with a magenta flower on top, planted inside a white ceramic pot.

Here at Cactus Cancer Society, young adults facing cancer can breathe easier within our virtual walls knowing that there are others here who understand what they are facing. These young adults are tough, they are strong, adaptive, and resilient. They thrive in unlikely conditions. And we are a society, a community that comes together to provide support for those facing cancer. You are part of what makes us what we are today and we need your voice to help shape our future. 

We’ve got some super exciting things in the works and could use input from our favorite people, those that comprise the Cactus Cancer Society community – that’s you!

Please take this survey and have your data captured to help steer future young adult programs. We’ll be reading every single entry and hope you can pour your heart out to us. 

We *so* appreciate your time and energy in taking the time to fill this out. As a thank you, we’ve got a special something prickly coming your way, in the old-school snail mail. (When was the last time you got something in the mail that wasn’t a bill or a package you ordered?)

We’ve got enough for the first 50 people so don’t wait and take our survey today.

Thank you for your help in making our community a vibrant, welcoming place!