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The Many Colors Of Cancer

Though Breast Cancer Awareness month is officially over, breast cancer survivors and caregivers are still to be found all over the place.  This article, written by a breast cancer survivor, hits the nail on the head about everything pink washing and cancer awareness.  It asks the bold question, “What color is your breast cancer”?

Breast cancer is as grey and heavy as a thunder cloud laden with a downpour, it hangs over you just as ominously.

The breast cancer awareness movement has been one of the great health awareness campaigns of the modern era. There is no doubt that I and women like me have benefited tremendously from the hard work of women before us who put breast cancer on the map. Mortality rates are down precisely because of early diagnosis and treatment. But, 40,000 women a year still die from breast cancer. And for the rest of us, the treatment is no pink, fuzzy walk in the park.

This article puts into words the powerful truth behind what support really is and how you can provide it to those around you.  While specific to breast cancer, the plea in this article can really be used for any cancer type.  Breast cancer isn’t pink.  Leukemia isn’t orange.  Lymphoma isn’t lime green.  Ovarian cancer isn’t teal.  Prostate cancer isn’t blue.  Childhood cancer definitely isn’t gold.

Survivors and caregivers have stories not found in the simplicity of cancer awareness ribbons.  Tell your story, listen to the storyies of those around you, and offer real and tangible support.