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The Sum of Survival: Speaker Series Program Announcement!

surviving young adult cancer

A few months ago we launched our newest program here at Lacuna Loft, the Speaker Series!  Our third Speaker Series Talk will launch on Wednesday, October 4th!  Starting on that day, you’ll be able to watch Jenn talk about The Sum of Survival.  While the talk won’t be live, we’d love for you to submit your questions!  After reading a little abstract on the talk, fill out the short form at the bottom of this post with all of your questions!  Submit as many as you want and Jenn will do her best to answer them at the end of her talk!

What does it mean to survive? To me it’s living life to the fullest while you’re here on this planet. Some people feel like the term survivor doesn’t apply once their cancer came back – I disagree. Every day you get up – no matter how hard – you survive. It’s another day to make memories, say I love you or sleep in. Being a survivor carries a HUGE burden. Once you’ve gone through cancer people think you should be farting rainbows. Wrong! We have good days and bad just like anyone else … and snarled traffic, a bad hair day, and rude people still set us off. I do feel uncomfortable saying the term survivor sometimes because of all these misconceptions, I’m no superhero, I’m no braver than anyone else in my situation – the simple truth of the matter is that I’ve survived all that life has thrown at me so far … and that’s good enough.

Psst…want to submit a topic for a future Speaker Series?  You can do so here!