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Tune into Yourself – Restorative Child’s Pose

Each week we’ll be exploring a restorative yoga pose or breathing technique with images/video and tips.  Check in at Lacuna Loft on Wednesdays to anchor your week with peace, grounding, + community (and don’t forget to join the dialogue all week long)!  Excited to journey together.  This week we will be exploring a restorative version of child’s pose.

Restor(y)ing Mind+Body+Soul (pt.2)

There are days, or afternoons, where I just need to retreat into my bed.  Things are not going as planned, I am not feeling up to what the day asks of me, or it’s just cold and gray and I’m tired.  I have a choice – I can respond to this need inside of me, changing my plans and allowing some space to restore myself to balance or I can give myself a pep talk and push my way through what is ahead (though probably in a less than present or joyful state).  I often choose the latter. 

But… the times in which I give myself what I truly need, surrounded by snuggly blankets and pillows (and maybe my puppy), there is a sense of rest and release that my body and soul are craving.  What if we daily took the time to anchor in and snuggle up with a pillow – to rest secure and comfortable, curled up and protected?  What if we regularly gave ourselves time to check in with our body, mind, emotions, and soul?  I wonder what might come up as we tune back into ourselves as we so naturally did as children…  and I wonder how much more of me I would be able to offer to the world!

Explore this restorative version of child’s pose in your body and let the following questions guide you towards reconnection with yourself.  Share what shows up in your life as you practice by leaving a comment.


1 plushy pillow

soft ground (or on your bed!)

15 minutes of protected quiet (or soft music)

On the floor or on your bed, bring yourself onto hands and knees.  Place the pillow under your chest.  Arch your back gently up and shift your weight back as you sink your hips down to your heels.  Feel free to spread your knees a bit wider if you’d like.  Stretch your spine long and lower your chest to the pillow.  Stretch your arms out ahead of you with palms down or along the sides of your body, palms upward.  Turn your head so that one ear is resting on the pillow.  Gently close your eyes and draw your awareness inward. Notice your breathing.  What does it express to you?  Slowly develop an evenness of your inhales and exhales.

child's pose

Once relaxed, ask yourself these two questions.  Be sure to give yourself time to listen for the quiet response.

  • What does my physical body need?
  • What does my mind/intellect need?

When you have heard these two answers, gently lift your head and turn to face the other side, switching which ear is on the pillow.  Close your eyes again and offer yourself these two questions:

  • What does my heart/emotions need?
  • What does my soul/spirit need?

After finding these answers, and when you are ready to re-enter everyday life, bring slow movements into the fingers and toes, arms and legs.  Slowly, open your eyes.  Lift yourself back onto hands and knees, inviting any other movement that is needed.  Switch into a comfortable seated position.  Now that you know what your own basic needs are, how can you do your best to meet them as you live out the rest of your day?

Note: If you want to use a phone for music or a timer so that you aren’t worried about the ‘next’ thing, just make sure you put your phone on airplane mode so you are free from interruption!

Bonus: While in this restorative version of child’s pose, wear your favorite fuzzy socks, pjs, and add a blanket on top to keep you cozy and warm.  Add a blanket or support under your hips.  Bring a favorite stuffed animal with you.  Put a photo of something you love nearby.  Light a candle or incense.  Anything!  This time is for YOU!  Journal about how you feel after each practice – aim for once a day for a whole week and see what you notice in your body and in your life.

Have you used this restorative version of child’s pose before?  Is it a daily part of your routine?