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UpDos For Short Hair

When I received my cancer diagnosis, I was growing out my hair for my wedding.  I just wanted to wear an updo at my wedding!  How could I do that with short hair?! …or no hair at all?!?!?!?!  Lacuna Loft is here to show you that a) you are always beautiful no matter how much hair you do or do not have and b) updos with short hair are totally possible 🙂

While I didn’t experience losing my hair in a devastating way like some women do, it was still a HUGE bummer that this was all happening.  (You can read more about my hair loss here.  Just want to add…just because I didn’t have an awful experience when I lost my hair doesn’t mean that I think this *should* be the norm with all women.  Everyone will experience their side effects in different ways…and that is ok!!!)  I ended up getting married a year after my last round of chemo so I had a little bit of time to start regrowing my locks.  My lovely hair dresser was able to twist and pin every last inch of my hair to make it look like it was sooo much longer than it actually was.

2012 July 7 Justine Bursoni Photography Mallory and Brett's Wedding in Champaign Illinois FOR WEB ONLY-245

When you’re growing out your hair…or when it has been cut short for a potential hair loss…there are still really fun things that you can do to jazz up your do for formal events.  A little bit of length can go a long way!  the beauty department, a really fun blog that focuses on makeup, hair, and everything beauty recently showcased a fun updo for short hair.  While their tutorial involves a woman with much longer hair than what I would consider short, it got me thinking.  With even just a few inches of hair you could definitely twist and knot your way to something fabulous.

Do you have a fun up-do that you use for short hair?  Let us know!!!  In the next few weeks, we’ll show you an easy braiding/twisting tutorial to try!  (Eeep!  I <3 teasers!)

photo via (as a total side note…Anne Hathaway’s ring is HUGE and really pretty 🙂  )