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Hair Loss Makes Vogue

vogue hair loss

Vogue has tackled one of those all important features of a woman’s external persona…her hair.  Hair loss is a topic that is near and dear to my heart after I lost most of my hair during chemo treatments.  For so many survivors with whom I’ve spoken, losing their hair was detrimental.  It represented just one more thing that cancer was taking from them.  Some of us rock wigs, scarves, and others go around bald or with a buzz cut for months at a time.

The point is: the choice is yours!

Vogue talks with 9 women as they embrace hair loss for various reasons, from alopecia to cancer treatments.  These women are forced to see their beauty in a new light and master their style in a creative way.

vogue quote

The women in the feature are beautiful and dynamic.  Each has a different story of how her hair loss affected her (or didn’t) and how she has redefined her sense of beauty and fashion as a result.  For Vogue hair loss presents a different side of the beauty, style, and fashion equation.  Losing your hair forces you to reexamine outward perception of what is “normal” and what will “fit it.”  The whole piece and the accompanying video are truly beautiful.

Check out the great article and the powerful video!

How have you changed your style and fashion following hair loss?  How have you adapted your sense of beauty?