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We Are Now Cactus Cancer Society!

Lacuna Loft has officially changed its name and look to Cactus Cancer Society! We know this transformation has been a few months in the making but we’re really excited to finally unveil our new look and identity.

Our new logo includes the imagery of the terrarium, which provides its own ecosystem that the organisms inside can rely upon.  It shows the imagery of the cactus, one of resilience and fortitude.   They thrive in the desert, the most unlikely of places, and the harshest of environments.  The word, ‘society,’ demonstrates an established space

At the Cactus Cancer Society, young adults facing cancer can breathe easier within our virtual walls knowing that there are others here who understand what they are facing. These young adults are tough, they are strong, adaptive, and resilient.   They thrive in unlikely conditions.  And we are a society, a community that comes together to provide support for those facing cancer.

The Cactus Cancer Society’s new logo and visual identity are inspired by the core principle and spirit of being a pioneer in the young adult cancer survivorship space – the first to offer an online, interactive escape from the harsh realities of cancer, and an opportunity to cope through creativity and expression, where young adults facing cancer can get the support they need, no matter who they are or where they are.

Coming up with our new look and name hasn’t been easy. We spent 9 months asking questions and listening to our community. We hosted a large survey, had discussions with key members of the community individually, held small creative focus groups, and took the time to really learn what it is about our work that most stands out to to the most important among us, the young adults facing cancer whom we serve.

Are you wondering if anything else is changing? Not really! We’ll still be offering the same programs you’ve come to love and we’ll keep tinkering to bring you new things too. Thank you so much for being here. We’re excited for what’s in store.