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We Have A Spot For Healthcare Providers!

young adult cancer oncology

Some of our best partners are found in our healthcare providers.  Whether it’s that nurse who always listens, the physician who always takes you seriously, that social worker who helped you find what you needed, or that admin who schedules your appointments at just the right times for you and smiles the whole time, our healthcare providers help us towards that cure.  Lacuna Loft loves working with these medical magic makers, helping them spread the news to as many young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers as possible, letting you know that you deserve age-appropriate support and resources.

If you’re a healthcare provider, Lacuna Loft now has a page just for you!  Use it to order brochures to share with your patients, sign up for program announcements, or just reach out to us with something exciting happening on your end!

Check out your very own Healthcare Provider Portal!