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Welcome to California, Lacuna Loft!

Lacuna Loft has arrived in California!  When I worked with our fabulous group of lawyers to incorporate and file for our tax exempt, non profit status, the state of California was chosen as the future home of Lacuna Loft.  It was decided in December that my husband’s company would pick San Francisco as its future home so Lacuna Loft (and myself) needed to follow suit.  It has taken months of preparation, and many many hours of packing my home, but Lacuna Loft is finally in its new state.

Lacuna Loft should have an office and a brand new address in the next few weeks.   I’ll update you with specifics as they unfold.  Otherwise, the weather here is great, the housing market is stressful, and my pups are loving all of the walks because we have no backyard.  🙂

As things settle down in the next few weeks we’ll go back to having 5 posts a week, Monday thru Friday.  Thank you for your consideration as our posting schedule changed just a little over the last month.  As always, if you’re interested in writing about your young adult cancer-ness, email and I’ll send you more information!