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What Is Your Origin Story?

young adult cancer stories

Our 4th Speaker Series talk focused on Lacuna Loft’s origin story…what brought Lacuna Loft into the world and how we do what we do.  And it got me thinking…we each have our own origin story!  Mine is deeply interwoven with Lacuna Loft and I shared a piece of it in the speaker talk.

Are you a young adult cancer survivor or caregiver?  Are you ready to tell your story to help someone else who is going through what you went through?

What is your origin story?

In the middle of the night, someone out there is wondering if they are the only one who has ever gone through young adult cancer.  They are feeling alone, isolated, and wanting to feel connected to someone who understands.  You can help someone, just like you, going through young adult cancer by sharing your story.

Your story matters.

We’d love to share your origin story.  Fill out the form below and share your voice!  We’ll contact you for your origin story!