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What’s In Your Chemo Bag?

chemo bag

Dana Farber recently published an article about the items one survivor keeps in her chemo bag.  That got me thinking…what was in my chemo bag?  And what was/is in yours?

I always had a stuffed animal (usually my childhood bear), chapstick (really a must all the time), a bottle of water (I carry a Nalgene with me absolutely everywhere I go), layers (comfy sweaters for the win), headphones, my phone, a game book (logic puzzles were my favorite), an iPad or computer, and a notebook to take notes with when talking with my oncology team.

I am an avid reader but during chemo couldn’t get myself to focus on a book.  TV, movies, logic puzzles, and phone games because my go-to activities to distract myself.  I also spent a TON of time just staring around the room.

What about you?  What’s in your chemo bag?