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Wishlist Feature!

Are you a young adult dealing with cancer or long term illness, as either a patient or a caregiver?  Do you have a couple of things from our shop on a wishlist that you’d love receiving as gifts?  Would these items help out your day to day life, make things more comfortable or easier for you?  You can start a wishlist here on Lacuna Loft!

Here’s how it works!

Lacuna Loft has a wishlist feature on our site, connected to our shop.  First, make an account here on our site.  If everything that you want is found in our shop, just select the items that you want to add your wishlist by hovering over the item, and clicking on the star to the right of the “add to shopping cart” option.  To access your wishlist, on the right hand side of the page, near the top, there is star with a number next to it…click on that.

FindYourWishlistTo share with your wishlist with your social network, open up your wishlist and use the social media icons at the bottom, across from the words “Share on”.  Click any of your favorite social media icons to share!  (We’ve circled them in pink!)  And that’s it 🙂

ShareWishlistAnd voila!  You can now communicate all of your needs with your social network!