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Write Now with Jean Rowe: SeeSaw

“Be happy in the moment – that’s enough. Each moment is all we need – not more.”

Mother Teresa

We’re in a time where things are changing daily. Go on vacation or stay home? Venture again to the grocery store or have meals delivered? Make plans to get together in person or connect through our old friend Zoom?

Let’s invite some middle ground. Let’s tune in to our inner selves and ask a question like what feels right and true … for me? Balance is possible while the landscape of information is an ever-changing one. It’s okay to make a plan. It’s okay to change your mind. 

Try this: what feels right today? What do you need? Want? Who are your fine companions along the way? Compare what happens at the beginning of the day to the close of the day – without judgment. 

Write for 5 minutes and see what surfaces. If any particular people show up in the process, consider letting them know you’re thinking of them. 

Let me know what happens! I’d love to hear from you!