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Yoga for Cancer-Thrivers

yoga for cancer

Rochelle Poulson shared her cancer journey with the world in the edu-mentary, cancerpants.  Five years after her diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 36, she shares about her journey inward through yoga and how it supports her being present both through cancer and all of her life, in this 30-minute interview that I just watched.  Hearing others’ stories and having a safe space to tell our own can be healing and maybe more importantly, freeing.  Check out her thoughts and more (below are some of my favorite moments) – go watch it!  You can also contact Rochelle on her website to hear more about what she is doing with yoga for cancer thrivers.

“Everyone’s journey is different.”

Making time to care for our bodies can allow space for spiritual and emotional healing to take place, to see our strength come out of our healing.

“It’s important to tell our stories… but sometimes we don’t want to keep telling our stories over and over.  We want to experience what’s happening with us.”

What if we faced fear as a ‘trickster’ – robbing us of this moment where we could otherwise be present?

Breaking through stories that LIMIT us… for empowerment.  What stories are limiting you from being all that you are in this moment?

Share your thoughts on these ideas or others from the interview with us!  Have you tried yoga for cancer thriving?