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You May Have Noticed!

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You may have noticed that our website looks a little different! Not only do we have a new name (Cactus Cancer Society, formerly Lacuna Loft) but our website has been completely refreshed! We thought we’d answer some quick FAQs to get us all started here at our new home! If you have any other questions, we’d love to answer them. Email!

  1. Is all of your old content still on the site? Yes! Some of it isn’t formatted very nice anymore though (lol). We’re still working on getting everything organized and back to where you might expect it to be.
  2. Where can I find information about your programs? Here! We have a brand new Programs page as well as an Updated Programs page where you can see, in one glance, when everything is scheduled for the month.
  3. Why did you change your name from Lacuna Loft? Why now? I (Founder, Mallory) wanted Lacuna Loft to represent a safe place where members of the young adult cancer community could come and recover while learning to thrive; a virtual space where someone would want to hang out and learn to live vibrantly. While we love what the old name stands for, there have been challenges with the name including confusion about what it means, how to spell and pronounce it, and the impression that it is a physical place. Last year, around our 5-year anniversary, we saw an opportunitiy to take a step back and recognize the incredible work we’ve done and the growth we’ve achieved. We also saw it as an opportunity to take an honest look at what more could be done to reach more people and build an even stronger brand. That’s when we recognized some of the limitations of the Lacuna Loft brand that were running the risk of stagnating our growth, so we sought to correct it and here we are today!
  4. What does the logo and “Cactus” mean or stand for? The imagery of the terrarium provides its own ecosystem that the organisms inside can rely upon. The imagery of the cactus is one of resilience and fortitude. They thrive in the desert, the most unlikely of places, and the harshest of environments. The word, society, demonstrates an established space. At Cactus Cancer Society, young adults facing cancer can breathe easier within our virtual walls knowing that there are others here who understand what they are facing. These young adults are tough, they are strong, adaptive, and resilient. They thrive in unlikely conditions. And we are a society, a community that comes together to provide support for those young adults facing cancer. Our community offers an escape from the harsh realities of young adult cancer, an and opportunity to cope through creativity and expression, and to continue to grow and thrive.
  5. What are you changing? Our website and our logo have changed. We have a new staff member, Lauren, serving as Chief Operations Officer. Our commitment to providing age-appropriate and creative online support programs for young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers remains entirely the same. While we have a new look on the outside, we are the same organization you know and trust, with the same mission to provide a diverse range of creative online programs and support resources for young adults facing cancer – no matter who they are or where they are. Survival is not enough. We are here to make sure that survivorship support is available, accessible, and specifically designed for young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.
  6. What are the benefits of the rebrand to community members? With our new brand, we aim to bring a clearer vision of who we are and how we offer support that no other organization can offer. With this more representative identity, we are signifying the vibrancy of the positive change we can create through a safe community that fosters creative coping and expression. We also hope that the new brand will overcome some of the confusion of our former name and make finding us and our programs easier for people new to our community.
  7. How do you fund your services and activities? Cactus Cancer Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization commited to providing a safe space where young adults facing cancer can breathe easier knowing that there are others here who understand what they are facing. We have developed strategic partnerships with a number of healthcare organizations and sponsors that share our values and seek to support our community and mission. We also have a group of committed individual donors who support us and our programs.
  8. Where can I find merch with your new name and logo? Here! Choose the logo you prefer (there’s a black outline, a white outline, and a multi-colored one) and then choose whether you’d like apparel, accessories, or anything else. Cactus Cancer Society gets a portion of every sale made from our shop.
  9. Have your email addresses changed? Yes, and no. 🙂 If you use an old, email address it will automatically forward to our new ones. Otherwise, you can reach us at
  10. Has the organization leadership changed? Nope! Mallory is still CEO, Aerial is still CPO, and we just welcomed on Lauren as COO.
  11. Can I still connect with you on social media? You sure can! Our new handles on twitter, instagram, and facebook will be @cactuscancer. Because of the rules of each network, this change has either happened or is in process.
  12. Why do I still see Lacuna Loft on your guidestar account and a few other places? We are in the process of changing our name legally with all of the appropriate entities. Over the next few months, everything will update to Cactus Cancer Society from Lacuna Loft. Thank you for sticking with us during the process! (Pardon our dust!)